Preparing for the Launch of PotterMore – Coming up today…More on Potter!

Harry’s caricature (updated) has been waiting in the queue for a long-long time. First it was shoved out of the line by William and Kate who had just got married and had to be given preferential caricature-treatment. Then, when Harry’s caricature somehow wriggled its way back, that bearded terrorist Osama bin Laden happened to regretfully leave his stash of pornography and women behind, making it impossible for me not to caricature Osama. Next, I got caught in the cartoon making non-billable business, and forgot all about dear Harry until I read about PotterMore.

What is PotterMore?

Recently, JK Rowling launched a new website called, PotterMore. This website displays two owls who look at you owlishly, making you wonder what PotterMore might be. When you click any of the owls, you are directed to a Youtube page, which shows a countdown to a moment on Thursday (that’s tomorrow.)

Now, according to my keen sense of reason, PotterMore can be nothing but an online community sort of roleplaying game, for which they’d attempt to create an Online Hogwarts (along with other magical places, for instance the 12 Grimmauld place, the burrow, and so on!) The logic behind my deduction is simple…it’s called “immersion”. On an immersion continuum, books score the lowest, movies are somewhere in the middle, and roleplaying games score the highest. As they’ve called it Potter”MORE”, I think the “More” has to do with an online game community.

Let us wait and watch…the countdown ends tomorrow – but your wait for Harry Potter‘s Caricature ends sometime today!

(It has ended. View Harry Potter’s Caricature here.)

A Question about PotterMore:

The Youtube page says, “The Owls are gathering”.

Guess who are actually gathering? Potter Fans (yours truly included)!
The inference? Potter Fans are owls!

Can you tell why the inference is fallacious?

(If you can, do leave a comment. It will help dispel the general notion, which in my opinion is incorrect, that artists can’t think logically.)