My forgotten Facebook page gets a face.

I’ve had a Facebook page for many months now. It had been languishing in want of attention, until now, when I suddenly remembered its existence.

I really don’t know why I had created it in the first place. It had the my name on it (and I guess your pages can be named differently,) and it looked really drab. So I decided to rename it as Shafali’s Caricatures (what else?) and I added a cover picture with some of my caricatures to its timeline.

So that I am no longer mistaken for some high-flying executive (there’s another Shafali Anand in the cybersphere and she’s some journo or writer,) I must make it clear that while I am a joker of sorts and I can fit into many roles, I am definitely not an intellectual – so please don’t mistake me for one. However, whoever you may come looking for, if you want to press the Like button on my page, I won’t deter you from it.

But if you really like my caricatures and cartoons, and you really want to like my page on Facebook do click here.

I would like to excuse myself now as I  am very tired and the lines on the monitor are beginning to appear blurrrred…….

byeeee thennn.