Some Recent Works – Caricatures and Deviations.

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Lost Caricatures and a Mutating Caricaturist!

I haven’t been able to settle down enough to sketch new caricatures, and I’ve lost those that I drew last month – and this, my friends, is the reason why there’s been no new entry in this web-log.

I have been terribly busy too. Doing what, you may ask. Honestly, the answer lies in the fact that the caricaturist is mutating. She’s changing into what she used to be a long time ago – a normal artist and a graphic designer. Those were the days when she hadn’t grown these thorns of sarcasm and ridicule, which differentiate a caricaturist from all other kinds of artists.

There’s a bit of good news with all the pain associated with this mutation, which is that the over all result of it is that though I am turning into a graphic designer I haven’t left the caricaturist behind. In fact, I have added another personality to my already complex personality matrix, and found a new set of tools. My current project makes me work day and night…and this has been the case for almost two months now. Right now, I am just hoping that my audience likes my work, and that the project is a success – and so I am typing this post with my fingers crossed.

I promise to either find those lost caricatures or create some new ones, and return to meet my cyber-friends 🙂

Until then and then forever  DRAW to SMILE!