Fatigued…but will post something new tomorrow.

Dear Fellow-bloggers and my other Visitors,

Thanks for everything. For visiting my blog, for participating in the Creativity Carnival, for choosing my blog to confer awards upon it, and for liking and following. I’ve been a brat, I know. And I am sorry for not responding. I haven’t even been checking the Reader so no blog-visits either. I soon hope to be better and more in my element (the indefatigable artist.)

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you to everyone.

More tomorrow.



Celebrating 50000 Page Views:-) in Less than a Year!

Dear Friends, Readers, Visitors – regular and random, Fellow Bloggers, and Everyone else who happens to chance upon this post,

I am making this special post to mark this once-in-a-blog’s-lifetime occasion:-) This dear blog of mine was born last December, it hasn’t yet celebrated its first Birthday…and so I am mighty proud of my virtual blog-child for having achieved 50,000 views!


When I started this blog I started it because I wanted to share with the world  the happiness that I derived from the act of drawing. Despite being an artist and despite artists having a reputation of being critical of numbers  – I respect numbers for their objectivity.  I looked around for some data on blogging and realized that the 50K mark is considered an occasion to celebrate – and so I thought that I should celebrate too:)

Dear visitors, thank you for visiting – I hope that I will continue to draw new caricatures and that they’ll in turn, continue to draw you here:)

Dear WordPress Team, thank you for creating and managing such a wonderful, easy-to-use, and friendly blogging software. I would probably never have blogged if it weren’t for WordPress!

I am setting up the Blog Stats (Views Counter)  in the sidebar for a few day:)

Thanks and Best Wishes,

Shafali the Caricaturist.