Time-faxing this note from Circa. 1945…

Hi Folks, including the few who care, and most who don’t…but who cares…so the message goes out to anyone around a time-fax machine.

I am still here…in the past. Dr. Who promised that he’d come back when he’s perfected the design of his time-machine, but he hasn’t arrived yet. In fact, I have heard from reliable sources who have heard from other reliable sources (BBC?) that Dr. Who’s lost his fig leaf. This might be the reason behind the delay, but if Dr. Who is tuned in – I’d like to tell him that I found a discarded Nazi uniform…and though it isn’t the in thing right now, it might be better than a fluttering fig leaf.

The good news is – I’ve not whiled away my time doing nothing. The caricatures of Adolf Hitler and Mahatma Gandhi are ready to be faxed home.

I shall be time-faxing Hitler’s caricature to my blog sometime this evening. It’s straight from hell and…believe it or not, it was the poor innocent devil who tipped me off on this one!

I hear a strange whirring sound…could it be Dr. Who? Who else? Who?…oh…oh…there’s a problem with this time-fax machine…