Circa. 1920, London – The Caricaturist and the Couch!

Time travel results in a time-lag, which is just about a 100 times worse than a jet-lag. It disorients you so completely that you often experience difficulty in differentiating between reality and fiction. What I mean is that right now, I think that I am imagining this whole computer and internet thing. It’s all fiction, isn’t it?

Actually, I am lying on an extremely comfortable couch, which is covered with oriental looking rugs. There’s a rug (looks Turkish, but I can’t be sure) on the wall behind the couch…and there is a lovely carpet on the floor. The room’s dimly lit, and the overall feeling is that of all the tiredness leaving my body and mind, and serenity replacing it.

I want to do nothing more than to fall asleep, but before I close my eyes, I see a face – a bearded man with a cigar in his hand looking into my eyes. The expression in his eyes makes me hear words that he hasn’t spoken. I hear him say, “I know what you are thinking.”

The next thing I remember is finding myself out on the pavement. I sat with my back to the wall, furiously drawing his face, trying to capture the look in his eyes…

I’ll share the picture with you – and then you can tell me what you think about that haunting look…