Will Angela Merkel Win the 2013 Elections and get re-elected?

Will Angela Merkel win the 2013 elections of Germany?

Today Germany elects its new government. It’s expected that Angela Merkel will win her third tenure as the Chancellor of Germany. With about 80% of the Germans satisfied with Merkel’s performance, she stands a strong chance of returning as the Chancellor for the third time.

This caricaturist admires Merkel as one the very few women politicos who’ve made it on their own. Most of the oriental she-politicians are either born or marry into political families. Merkel was born in the erstwhile East Germany (the poorer of the two Germany’s) and worked her way up.

If she wins the elections, I’ll post her color caricature here. Here’s a cropped-snapshot of the caricature.

Caricature, Cartoon, illustration of Angela Merkel - winning the 2013 Bundestag elections - Germany.

Will she? Won’t she? Will she…?

What’s your opinion? Will Merkel return?

Until the results are out, you can see a black and white caricature of Angela Merkel here.