◄ The Book "Evolution of a Caricaturist" ►

It’s here!

“Evolution of a Caricaturist – How to Draw Caricatures”
is now available on Amazon’s Kindle Store

"Evolution of a Caricaturist - How to Draw Caricatures" available as a Kindle eBook on Amazon.

A Big Thank You to Everyone who Signed-up 🙂 

“Evolution of a Caricaturist” explains the art of creating caricatures and helps you develop a method to achieve a funny likeness to the subject of your caricature. It begins by explaining what a caricature is, establishes an effective method for observation of human facial features, and then feature-by-feature, it helps you develop “the skill of exaggerating to achieve humor and likeness.”

Chapter-wise Content Outline

I’ve prepared a short 18-page pdf that contains the chapter-wise details of the book. You can download this Free pdf for the ebook “Evolution of a Caricaturist” here.

Evolution of a Caricaturist – List of Chapters

  • Chapter 1: How to Draw Caricatures – Getting Down to the Basic
  • Chapter 2: The Celebrity Connection
  • Chapter 3: The Human Face – Observing it from the Caricaturist’s Perspective
  • Chapter 4: The Psychology of Face Recognition
  • Chapter 5: Caricaturing the Shape of the Face
  • Chapter 6: Caricaturing the Eyes
  • Chapter 7: Caricaturing the Brows and the Browridge
  • Chapter 8: Caricaturing the Mouth
  • Chapter 9: Caricaturing the Forehead and the Hair
  • Chapter 10: Caricaturing the Ears
  • Chapter 11: Caricaturing the Nose
  • Chapter 12: Putting it All Together
  • Chapter 13: Context, Story, and Props
  • Chapter 14: Spread your Wings and Fly!

What this book is all about:

Among all kinds of illustrations, caricatures are the ones that evoke the highest response from the audience. A caricature achieves this by weaving the spell of humorous likeness around its subject.

This book establishes a logical method to harness the creative madness that results in caricatures. I call it the Feature Frame Method © and illustrate how this method can be used to selectively exaggerate every facial feature.

This book helps you master the art of caricature drawing by presenting more than 70 artworks and technical drawings and analyzing the features of more than 30 celebrity faces.


26 comments on “◄ The Book "Evolution of a Caricaturist" ►

  1. hi Shafali
    I like cartooning so much that I have my own cartoon drawing in Facebook where you can find it .. hehe ..just to share …
    Recently , I started to try on ‘caricature’ which is what I always wanted to do !! .. really love it .. I also try drawing it with studying some materials on drawing caricature from the internet.. hehe
    I really feel passionate to do this !! .. hope to get the tips from you !!.. haha
    do you know where to get some books ??


    • Thanks for commenting Edmun. One of the books that I’d recommend, is of course mine. It is a methodical text that establishes an easy to use method (The Feature Frame Method) that a caricaturist can use on the deviating features and ensure that his caricature looks funny and yet its likeness isn’t destroyed. Here’s the link once again:
      This is a Kindle eBook and you can read it only almost every reading devices (running iOS, Android and other OSs.)
      Additionally, I’d recommend that you look at other books available on Amazon.
      I also keep writing posts with Caricaturing tips, so do follow the blog 🙂
      Best Wishes. S.


    • Teamrippeduk (that can’t be your name, can it?)
      Thanks for writing. I had published Evolution as a Knolbook, and now that Knol is out of business, it’s no more online. It’s new and enriched edition may be published again shortly. As you’ve subscribed to my posts, you’ll come to know when it becomes available again 🙂

      Best wishes,


  2. Hi Shafali. It’s amazing that you have not yet published this book! I think that many people are looking for a so wel-written handbook concerning caricatures drawing .Thanks for sharing your skills for free! If, one day, I’ll find this book in a bookshop I will buy it for sure.
    P.S.: note that the draw in the chapter about nose is not visible (I use Mozilla Firefox).


    • Hi Enrico,
      Thank you for your kind remark. I hope to publish it one day:)
      I don’t know what’s wrong with the drawings on the Nose chapter…will check again. Thanks for letting me know.


  3. oh wowow0w!!! 14 chapters thats great
    whats more after all the features ???
    im excited to knowwwwwwww
    what more can be added just wondering
    dying to see the nose chapter and other chaptersssssssss
    your work isssssss just amaizing
    thanks a million
    but excited to see nose and remaining chapters


  4. its a wonderful book plssssssssss can we have tutorials for the nose
    the nose part i find it confusing at times i tried finding it but didnt get it
    but the book is just like the bible everytime u read there is something new is to learn


  5. hi there shafali,
    i have just subscribed the blog the book is a great help i just learned how to nake caricatures but still trying hard some or the other way to learn in a better way
    and practising your stories caricatures are a great help
    thank u soo much


  6. Grrrrrrgggggrrrr…way to gowwwwww!
    Dewey…you could wrap Gram around your left paw if you wanted:) Your Gram is a fantastic woman, who is very talented. You should talk to her sometime – pup-to-human!

    I do what I can – sometimes I feel that I’d be dead in about 5 years and so I have to do whatever I can and I want to…in this time – I think that’s what drives me.



  7. I tell ya Mercury….I’m only gettin’ around ta lookin’ at yer site here and am wonderin’ how ya find the time ta do this with all yer other duties and takin’ care of Oorvi too……why ya must be Super Woman….yep….fer sure……it’s too bad Gram can’t draw…….she would love ta be able ta create the wonderful drawings that ya can….makin’ everyone laugh too….aw, the power of the SMILE…yes siree…although I have a bit of trouble with it myself…..somethin’ about thin lips and no control over ’em….well, I can still growl….I have no troulble with that at all……think I’ll practice that fer the next few hours…it’ll drive Gram ‘n Pap nuts…………………GGGggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….I’m on a roll now……

    Dewey Dewster here…..


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