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Welcome 🙂

 Interactive Art Tutorials are back!

You’ve arrived at the Interactive Art Tutorials page of Shafali’s Cartoons and Caricatures blog. This is a place where you find free downloads of art tutorials. The first series “How to Draw Cartoons” focuses on helping you learn the skill of drawing cartoons. Remember that you need to have a sketchbook and a pencil ready, when you go through the tutorials.

 Download the Tutorials in Two Easy Steps:

  1. Click the image of the tutorial that you want to download. The tutorial will be downloaded as a .zip file.
  2. The zip contains two files. Run the html file to start the tutorial.
    (Note: Please ensure that both the files are in the same folder.)

Learn to Draw and Draw to Smile 🙂

(The serial numbers may look funny, but the fresh tutorials are added on the top, so…bear with me.)

4. “How to Draw Expressions – Part II (Animated Faces)

(I’m trying to locate this file, so I’ll be back to update it.)

(Click the Image to download the tutorial.)

Icon for how to draw expressions tutorial - part 2, which discusses the role of other features in expressing emotions - a man with a toothy smile and the caricaturist.

  • This is the second tutorial in the “How to Draw Expressions” series.
  • This specific tutorial focuses on animating the face.

3. “How to Draw Expressions – Part I (Raising Eyebrows)

(Click the Image to download the tutorial.)

An Icon for How to draw expressions - Part I, an Interactive Art Tutorial by Shafali

  • In this multi-part series, we will learn how to create facial expressions accurately.
  • This specific tutorial focuses on changing the form and shape of the eyebrows to change the expression.

2. “How to Draw a Cartoon Owl – Part II (The Sensible Stability)

(Click the Image to download the tutorial.)

How to draw the cartoon of an old owl - an interactive tutorial, drawing lesson.

An old wise owl – “How to Draw a Cartoon Owl – Part II (The Sensible Stability)

1. “How to Draw a Cartoon Owl – Part I (The Fleeting Youth)

(Click the Image to download the tutorial.)

How to draw the cartoon of a young owl.

An inexperienced young owl – “How to Draw a Cartoon Owl – Part I (The Fleeting Youth)


28 comments on “Interactive Art Tutorials

    • Yes, Velu. As I’ve noted on the Animated Faces II tutorial, I’ve not been able to locate the file for the tutorial…so far. I’ll give my self a couple of days and see if find it or I’ll remove the link. Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂


  1. Hello.. Shafali your work is awesome i m really very impressed that you are helping people to learn this art work. I m a doctor and drawing is my hobby ,it helps me in counseling patients by visuals and giving talks by power point presentation .Pleople like it. i find you as online Guru, I have started from A….That is Abhitabh Bachchan….:) Thanks a lot.


    • Thanks for your kind words. I hope to create content that demystifies cartooning and caricaturing. I admire Doctors, especially those with a tint of grey in their hair, because in the times gone by, you never felt a need to worry about a Doctor’s credentials. You respected them unconditionally and unquestioningly. Your interest in your patients tells me that you are one those few who really care 🙂


  2. Hi, Shafali ur work is unlimate i m really very impressed from ur work. I m also a cartoonist, Graphic Designer & Painting Artist but i learn lots of finishing touch from ur work. thanx for this.


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  8. Thanks Shafali….let’s see what I can do with these downloads…….I’m panting with Anticipation……and my hand is shaking with excitement……yikes…….


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