Copyright / Permissions

Simply speaking…

You are welcome to use any of the caricatures published on this site (with exception of the “Artist’s Portrait” in the sidebar,) for any non-commercial purpose. This includes:

  • Your Personal Blog
  • Your Personal Web page/Website
  • On your grass-board
  • And any other non-commercial use that I can’t think of!

Commercial Usage would include:

  • Portals
  • Organizational Websites
  • Organizational Blogs
  • Corporate Presentations (I don’t know why anyone would want to put these caricatures in their corporate presentations though.)
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Magazines/Newspapers/Books

If you want to use one or more of my caricatures for non-commercial use, please write to me for a permission to use. I am a very sweet person and I seldom say no to such requests.

If you want to license one or more of my caricatures for commercial use, or you would like me to create custom caricatures based upon your concept, please write to me at drawtosmile>AT>gmail>DOT>com.


17 comments on “Copyright / Permissions

  1. After visiting your blog, seeing your works and reading your posts, as an aspiring artist, I am thoroughly thrilled and can sense some unusual positivity. As a portrait artist, I have always wondered why sketches and paintings on nature get more appreciation though it is so much more difficult to get the likeness of a person right. I am enthused now to go home after work and do some artwork for sure.

    I request you to see my work, when you have time, at

    It will be great to get some useful feedback from you.

    Saurabh Turakhia


      • Hi Shefali. I saw your encouraging comment on the blog. It inspires me to work with greater passion. Thanks a lot. I see in you a great and versatile writer as well. You have many talents and you are humble. That will make sure you will go very high. Best wishes, regards Saurabh Turakhia


      • Saurabh: Glad you stopped by. I revisited your blog and I too was inspired by the way you’ve presented your portfolio 🙂 It looks great. I guess I am a jack of two trades…trying to master one, but however much I may try, there will always be another benchmark to cross. I don’t really think that I am humble, I’m just a realist…in my approach to art as well as life.


  2. I am trying to do a report on you! I think you are amazing. Your work is unbelievable. I just have a few questions if you don’t mind. I would like to continue my art degree but need research for my class. What year was you book The Evolutionof a Caricturist published? What is your schooling back round. Thank you so much


  3. Hi, love the drawings. May I have permission to use the drawing of Julius Caesar to use at the Sunday mass pray and play group. Non commercial use, but I said I’d ask anyway. Thanks. Ger


    • Hello Steve,
      Welcome here. I guess my contact info is everywhere on the site.
      Thank you for leaving a comment here. I wish you the best for your artistic endeavors.


  4. Hi Shafali,

    I am working towards an art teacher qualification in Australia.

    Your work is very good and I would love to include the Tiger Woods piece in a lesson for my grade 8 art class in one day’s time.

    I would like to include more about you as an artist, such as your name and which country you are from. I would also love to include your rational for the piece. I am trying to teach my students that it is very important to properly acknowledge artists, especially modern ones, and particularly given the free access to so many images the web has given us.

    I’m sorry to give you no notice, but hope you can spare one minute to give me a little bit of content about yourself and your work for my presentation to my class.


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