The Creativity Carnival!

Running Now…

(Started: Friday, Sep 11, 2015  ——- Ends: Friday, Sep 18, 2015)

7. Creativity Carnival: Girl


Pen and Ink portrait of a girl - 9/11 and Terrorism. Cue-art for Creativity Carnival.

(Click/Tap the link above to read the Post for the Current Carnival.)

Just Ended 🙂

(Started: Friday, Aug 28, 2015  ——- Ends: Friday, Sep 4, 2015)
(if you think that the cue-art connects with you…feel free to participate 🙂

6. Creativity Carnival: Handcuffs

Handcuffs - A pen and ink drawing for the Creativity Carnival Edition 6.


Previous Carnivals

(Started: Friday, Aug 28, 2015  ——- Ends: Friday, Sep 4, 2015)
(but if you think that the cue-art connects with you…feel free to participate 🙂

5. Creativity Carnival: Faces

Women faces in profile on the pages of a book - pen and ink drawing for creativity carnival by shafali.

Previous Carnivals

(Started: Friday, Aug 21, 2015  ——- Ended: Friday, Aug 28, 2015)
(but if you think that the cue-art connects with you…feel free to participate 🙂

4. Creativity Carnival: The Gun

Pen and Ink Art - Gun Drawing black and White for the Creativity Carnival.


(Started: Friday, Aug 14, 2015  ——- Ended: Friday, Aug 21, 2015)

3. Creativity Carnival: The Mystery Chest

Creativity Carnival - The treasure chest. A pen and ink drawing.

(Started: Friday, Aug 07, 2015  ——- Ended: Friday, Aug 14, 2015)

2. Creativity Carnival: The Bell

Creativity Carnival for bloggers - cue-art - the bell - Write a story or a poem, or draw/paint a picture.

(Started: Friday, July 31, 2015  ——- Ended: Friday, Aug 07, 2015)

1. Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch

Pocket watch pen and ink drawing - Blogging Creativity Carnival for bloggers - by shafali.

Welcome to the Creativity Carnival – An Event for the Witches and Wizards of Blogging.

Creativity Carnival for wordpress bloggers

Creativity Carnival 1 (Coming up on Friday – July 31, 2015)

The Rules are super-simple!

  1. Your cue is the artwork of the week.
  2. You have a week to get creative and make a post that connects with the cue.
  3. You are welcome to do anything creative with the cue. Here is a list of possibilities:
    • Write a Story (tiny/short/long…whichever works for you. A tip: Shorter Stories, more reads.)
    • Share and Anecdote
    • Write a Poem
    • Draw a doodle
    • Paint a picture
    • Some other creative craft that I can’t think of – but it must explore and even extend the portrayal in the artwork.
  4. The cue-art must be included in the post you make.
  5. Link back to the Creativity Carnival Post so that a ping back is registered and others can visit your post, like it, love it, and comment upon it 🙂


More tomorrow, when the first cue-art is unveiled 🙂 Keep drawing, writing, and smiling!


If you are a new blogger, you may be wondering how you actually go about doing these things…I mean technically.
1. How do I ping back on the Carnival post?


  1. First, what’s a ping back? A ping back is a message that your blog sends to mine in form of a link that displays in the comments of the post. This message is sent when someone clicks a link of my blog on yours. If there isn’t a ping back, my blog will never know that your blog has published something connected with mine.
  2. To create a link, you can select a part of text in your post, find the link icon in the top menu bar of your compose window, click it, and paste the link of my carnival post in the box for the URL.
    For instance, if you want to create a link of  “Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch” in your text  “in response to the Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch,” simply select “Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch”, find the link icon, and copy and paste the carnival post’s url in the box that pops up.
    This is what you’ll see on your blog then: “in response to the Creativity Carnival: The Pocket Watch.”
  3. The link is now created, but unless you click it, the ping back won’t occur 🙂 So click it once, and your link will then sparkle in the comments section of my Carnival post.

1. How do I use the image on my blog?


There are two simple ways:

  1. You could save the image to your computer and upload it to your blog.
  2. You could also use the image’s URL (Click Add Media, then in the left sidebar of the popup window find Insert Media > Insert from URL.) Then the image will get pulled from my blog to yours 🙂

17 comments on “The Creativity Carnival!

  1. Do you mind if I make a blog-hop round-up post on my blog Snailzpace Daily (linked to my gravatar) as a post for Saturday this week? – it’ll show links to every blog that I can find various ways that took part in last week’s carnival for the mystery chest. it’ll be a simple list of blog links with very few words – just describing types of creativity eg writing/poetry/art etc. there will also be links to your homepage and this main event page. I’m thinking of making it a post to be published on a Saturday. I might make it a once a month special feature rounding up four week’s at a time instead, still thinking it over, but drafting this Saturday’s post at moment just for the mystery chest responses. If I don’t hear from you I’ll assume you don’t mind at all – or just like this comment for an ok go ahead? Expect you’re very busy. Sorry for long comment.


    • Thinking it over I’ve actually decided it should a four-weekly post, starting next weekend covering entries from the beginning (4 promptly). That’ll give me time to blog-hop and get links and make a nice post with it. I’ve a theme change to sort, contributing guest author(s) and new posting schedule to sort urgently over this weekend… I could privately publish as far as I am with it by ?day, send you a password, if you prefer having a look first.


      • As long as it’s rated G, you are welcome to go ahead and make the post. I trust your good judgment and value your interest in the carnival and my blog. Thank you 🙂


      • It’ll be posted as a 4weekly feature by next weekend, once the gun posts are in… will definitely be G-rated. Colette’s joining my blog this week as a contributor and will help me with it a little. I forgot how long it takes to travel around finding them all! General blog-hop links page for all participants (unless they prefer exclusion from the post) on a four weekly basis … it’s a really good event idea – is it continuing all year, or just a summer thing?


    • Sorry for the delay in responding 🙂 Your assumption is right. I don’t mind your including the link in your list. And thank you for thinking about it. I hope you hadn’t waited for my response. My tardiness in blogging is hard to compete with.


    • Thanks 🙂 Do check out the cue-art for this week. I’ll look forward to your take on it. I apologize for the delay in responding to your comment. For some unknown reason, Akismet had decided to direct it to my Spam folder. I don’t know why…just retrieved it from there.


  2. Hallo 🙂 I have nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. I tried checking for any Award Free Blog notices at your blog and didn’t spot one. Apologies if I missed such a notice, or if nominating you/ your blog for this award causes any inconvenience or distress. You may have received a pingback from my nominations post at My very best wishes to you, Colette.


  3. Shafali, I just finished reading your “About” section, and I admire you and your work tremendously. Also, thanks for the opportunity to participate in Creativity Carnival.


    • Thanks for your sweet words, Eths. The creativity carnival gives me an opportunity too 🙂 To draw with an open mind. As an illustrator, most of my works are drawn to meet a specific requirement. I must thank you and everyone else who participates, because you inspire me to make a new of drawing every week 🙂


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