A Funny Man with a Funny Nose…

… who doesn’t care what the world thinks about him and his nose?

Caricature cartoon color pencil drawing sketch of a happy funny man with a big nose.

An Awesome nose on an awesome face…tra…la…la…

What’s his story?

Who is he?

  1. An IT entrepreneur?
  2. A PE Teacher in a school?
  3. A standup comic?
  4. A plastic surgeon?
  5. A pizza-delivery guy?
  6. A terrorist behind a mask of amiability?
  7. An adult-movie star?
  8. A budding politician?
  9. A pedophile?
  10. ???

7 comments on “A Funny Man with a Funny Nose…

  1. Well, the chin looks like Jay Leno but he has a whole head of hair and a full neck from eating pizza and hamburgers all the time so I guess it isn’t him. He also doesn’t have big ears and a large nose…..but I know that you really love noses….big ones at that, Remind me to never ask you to draw me……I would look horrible with a big nose. I give up….who is this guy?


    • A figment of my imagination… I drew him for no reason at all 😦
      Nancy, I’d love to draw you. Remind me to draw you when I am in my portrait-drawing mood 🙂


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