Half Million Views bring a Color Caricature of Captain Sparrow a.k.a Johnny Depp to this blog!

Sometime today, my blog shall cross the 500,000 views mark. I don’t think it has changed anything for me. I still got up the same side of bed, did the usual chores, had my usual breakfast…nothing really changed. Yet, in the cyber world it’s customary to celebrate such milestones. While I’m not a traditional person (if I were, I won’t be an artist, would I?) I don’t mind celebrating this specific event, especially because I have just the right caricature to celebrate it.

My first caricature on this blog was of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a Black-and-White caricature (as most of my caricatures were in those days,) and I think that it got its share of attention. Fortunately for me, it was one of the caricatures that I painted for my recent assignment.

So here he is – Captain Sparrow and his two little mice – they look rather fetching in color, don’t they?

Caricature, Cartoon, Color-portrait  of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow (with his two mice) in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Actual Print Size of the Image: 12 inches x 12 inches at 300 dpi.

If you want to check out the black-and-white version, here it is:

Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Where is the cheese…Captain Sparrow?

Painting Johnny Depp’s Caricature – Deviations from the Earlier Drawing:

You go first 🙂 What are the differences?

Ok. I am naive. I don’t know how to create those polls. But the point is: I changed a lot of things as I painted Captain Sparrow’s Caricature.

The call-outs were thrown out because they would take the viewer’s attention away from his face, which I obviously wouldn’t like. I added some details to his lone earring, because it looked too plain, and I added that scar on his cheekbone because I had missed it earlier. I added those locks of hair on the left because I thought that the earlier caricature looked too symmetrical. Caricatures look funnier when they aren’t symmetrical. (Do you know that facial symmetry is one of the most important parameters of beauty in humans. According to Reader’s Digest, Denzel Washington is supposed to have the most symmetrical face among men, and he indeed is (was?) handsome.) Johnny Depp is another actor who whose face is considered to be extremely symmetrical.

Note the lock of the hair on the left balances his earring on the right, and yet, both help introduce funniness into the caricature. I kept the mice because they just blend into the character of Captain Sparrow. The butterfly ornament now has colored gemstones (they remind us of his gait and his feminine mannerisms.)

More in my next post 🙂


7 comments on “Half Million Views bring a Color Caricature of Captain Sparrow a.k.a Johnny Depp to this blog!

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  2. Excellent blog. I am a big fan of yours and have been following your sketches. Great job Shefali. I am new to this and would like feedback from you on my work. I have recently started my blog and feedback from a pro like you is exactly what is need of the hour. Also, I seek help on how toget more followers and hits for each post as that is the only motivation for us (artists).
    Looking forward to your reply. My blog: http://www.sketchysultaan.blogspot.in
    Please visit http://www.sketchysultaan.blogspot.in


    • Sketchy Sultaan, thanks for your remark and your kind words. I must clarify that I am not a “pro”…neither at sketching nor at SEO…actually, especially not at SEO. I’d say that if you ran your blog for 4 years and made about 400 posts with about 200 drawings, your blog will do a lot better than mine 🙂 I’ve retained your blog’s link in your comment as my tiny effort towards the growth of your blog. I wish you the best.


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  5. I love the color version of Captain Jack Sparrow. He does look a bit anxious…..startled…..or frightened…..but of course that is all in how you read the expression on his face….although the crossed eyes are a dead giveaway that all is not well on the high seas………great job!


    • Thanks Nancy 🙂 I think I had wanted to paint it all these years but never found time. He’s frightened of the mice…the kind of guy he is, he’d probably jump into the ocean to escape the mice…


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