Caricature – Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow – The Pirate!

Update: September 04, 2013

(4 Years later…somewhere on this blog.)

Color Caricature of Jack Sparrow.

Click to view Jack Sparrow caricature (Pirates of the Caribbean - Johnny Depp.)

 Click to View.

—————-Original Post Follows——————

Last evening’s efforts resulted in this caricature of one of my favorite pirates – Captain Jack Sparrow! In the Pirates series, he was amazingly unkempt and surprisingly irresistible. Funny that when I visualize Johnny Depp, he’s always the “cheesy” pirate!

Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Where is the cheese…Captain Sparrow?

Almost there – right?

News Flash – Calendars are Up!
Download Johnny Depp’s Printable Calendar pdf here.
(Opens in New Window and includes a crisp print-quality image of this caricature.)

Update: April 03, 2010:

Learn How to Draw Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.


25 comments on “Caricature – Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow – The Pirate!

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    • Hi Sri,
      Welcome here.
      Art just happened to me – I guess I can draw because I escaped formal training of any kind:) I checked out your Jack Sparrow and I think that it’s got an excellent play of lights and shadows.


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    • I don’t know but these mice seem to be sworn vegetarians…the cheese eating kind of people! But yes, if Captain Sparrow wanted to pay them back in their own currency – he might think of a mouse sandwich.

      Thanks Bruce, for stopping by and telling us the mouse sandwich story!



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  13. You may be excited to know that Johnny Depp has a holiday home not far from where I live… and I live in hope!
    I think he’d love this pic as much as I do. You’re very clever!


  14. Is that ya, Mercury ???? Hidin’ under an assumed name….as if Mercury is yer real name either…

    Ya do great work….love the meeces pullin’ on Jack Sparrow’s beard…..why it got my fir all on edge, I tell ya…..2 meeces, ta boot… ‘n Mom ‘n Toby even, would be chasin’ ’em all over the place. They would have ta hide in his beard so we couldn’t find ’em….except the smell would be sure ta give ’em away….cause all they do is pee…..constantly…better ta find ya mate…

    Dewey Dewster here…..


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