Mumbai Blasts 2011: Osama vs. Gandhi – Can we fight Mindless Terrorism with Non-Violence?

Not many of my international readers would be aware of the three blasts that shook Mumbai yesterday, and left 21 dead and more than a hundred injured. I wonder whether we need to assert ourselves more – whether we need to go after those who are responsible for such dastardly acts that take human lives and tell us that the perpetrators are spineless terrorists who don’t have the courage to fight the way the brave and the righteous do – but who stealthily plant bombs and slink away, while innocent, unarmed people die!

Is this a war they are waging on us?

Or is this some sort of parasitic invasion?

Who are these terrorists? Who are these people who order such cowardly acts? Who are the ones who bring down the twin towers in New York, who repeatedly kill innocents in Mumbai, and who then hide either under the ground or in houses that they don’t even call their own.

The Osamas of the World - Mumbai Blasts 2011They are the Osamas of the world. When Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US, a symbol of hatred and discord was destroyed. But actually evil goes deeper and spreads unseen by the eyes of the innocents and the saviors – because neither innocence nor heroism dwells in the dirty dark sewers of insanity. So the existence of that evil is discovered in different forms, in different places, at different times; perpetrated by different groups of people who are infected by the same evilness.

India, with its Gandhian Ideology and its secular policies has always been at a cross-roads. How much can we do without stepping out of the Gandhian guidelines of peace, harmony, and non-violence? How much can be achieved without destroying the secular fabric of this nation?Gandhi, Gandhian Ideology, Charkha - Can it deal with terrorism?

These terrorists, they don’t have love for anyone. They are the ones who’d kill their own spawn if the act could help them in their way ahead. Mahatma Gandhi‘s ideology worked well in ousting the British rulers from India, because they were educated, practical, and could talk rationally. How do you sit down for a talk with an ideology that only seeks to destroy?

With the recent blasts in Mumbai, I find myself withdrawing into a shell. I don’t want to watch the news, I don’t want to look at 4 or 6 or 8 panelists throwing inane paper-planes of ideas on one another, and I really don’t want to read a newspaper that moronically tells me that this evil act was to celebrate Ajmal Kasab’s 24th Birthday or which touts numerology as the reason behind so many people losing their lives.

I am done with all this. I know that I am not too secure either. One of these days, when I am out shopping for a new set of pencils, I might become a victim too. I won’t feel secure, until our Government takes some concrete steps to weed these sickos out of our system and isolate India from the threat of terrorism. Follow the lead of the US – do something. When and why did it become a crime to keep your own people safe?

The question that I ask is – if Gandhi were alive today, and if he had to handle terrorism, would he not modify his own philosophy?   I think that a man of his intellect would know that every ailment has to be treated differently.

Update: July 16, 2011

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6 comments on “Mumbai Blasts 2011: Osama vs. Gandhi – Can we fight Mindless Terrorism with Non-Violence?

  1. I was just watching some of the channels, They are continuing their debates and debates, no end to it, the so called intellects, VIPs and Politicians are always involved in to safeguard their interest with attacks and counter attacks with their words and the TV channels get their due thru the TRPs and these voices some are much valued and noteworthy but sad to say the concerned are just worried about their vote banks nothing else. Few days things will get normal, why some channels says Mumbai is getting back to normal, the families lost their dear ones are the losers here and the politicians and the terrorists and their beneficiaries will go on with their business as usual and decid where to plant the next bomb. This is really sad, our concerned are not worried about the lost soul and the peace of the country, but they are only worried about their vote banks, Alas! This is really and alarming situation


  2. Hi Shafali,
    Great alert, and thought provoking question.
    As you said there is not guarantee that one
    get back to home safely, since terror and terrorist
    are all around. We need to implement a new law
    which take stern and immediate action against
    such terrorists. other wise this will stay here for ever
    So, sad to note that. Ganhiji’s policy will not do any good here.
    Thanks for sharing
    Best regards


    • Yes Philip. It’s something that’s there at the back of your mind all the time – and the way it all dies down in a couple of days with the channels rebounding to the usual “made-spicy” news programs and the politicians reverting to their mud-slinging activities…it’s that apathy that gets to the you more than anything else – and it’s this apathy that makes those terrorists think of us as easy targets.


  3. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I guess we got a rude jolt that brought us out of our comfortable slumber. There can be no peace until the world comes together and determines a method to ensure that no kid is brought up in a fanatic environment. The rational nations of this world have to meet and come up with a strategy that quarantines this infection from spreading. But it won’t happen – there are always considerations. Some are humanitarian – recall the American/coalition soldiers who died because they wouldn’t fire to prevent women/child casualties, when cowards used their women and children as shields or worse…as human bombs?

    I am not a political pundit, just a simple-minded artist – who doesn’t understand these considerations completely. When an apparently defenseless mouse damages your crops, you kill him – don’t you? When a 21-year-old brain-washed terrorist takes innocent lives – we spend money to keep him caged – we even feed him…effectively, making a pet out of him. Why don’t we do the same to the vermin – they too are living, breathing beings! Are they not? They possibly are less damaging than these terrorists.

    I think I’ll get back to my drawing board – it’s my last refuge.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts – and don’t worry there won’t be a war on something like this. The rich and the influential are safe, you see.



  4. Oh Shafali,

    We Americans are crying with you and your country today and we are all hoping that some day soon these religious fanatics will actually come to their senses and realize that killing innocent people will not give them a place in paradise but a front row seat to the fires of hell.

    We hope that all of India will be safe from further terrorism and will not become embroiled in a senseless war. Seeking revenge is a normal response to such a tragedy but hopefully cooler heads will prevail and permit a peaceful solution. Our prayers are with you all.


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