Creativity Carnival: The Gun

Dear storytellers, poets, artists, writers, bloggers,

Welcome to the Creativity Carnival.

Thank you so much for your wonderful response. I loved your interpretations of the Mystery Chest so much that I visited many of the posts twice. I want to mention a response that’s going to stay with me for a while. It’s a short-story by Lydia, which you can read on her blog here.  For other fabulous responses please visit the Mystery Chest post.

Creativity Carnival - Blogging event for WordPress bloggers.


This week’s cue-art is a little different. After the nostalgia of the pocket-watch, the romance of the bell, and the mystery of the chest…this artwork might appear somewhat…dark. For this whole week, this gun is yours. Handle it with care. I’ll share my reason for drawing this gun with the next Creativity Carnival post.

Pen and Ink Art - Gun Drawing black and White for the Creativity Carnival.

The Rules are Simple.

    1. Your cue is the artwork above.
    2. You have a week to get creative and make a post that connects with the cue.
    3. You are welcome to do anything creative with the cue. Here is a list of possibilities:
      • Write a Story (tiny/short/long…whichever works for you. A tip: Shorter Stories, more reads.)
      • Share an Anecdote
      • Write a Poem
      • Draw a doodle
      • Paint a picture
      • Some other creative craft that I can’t think of – but it must explore and even extend the portrayal in the artwork.
    4. Include the cue-art in your post.
    5. Link back to this Creativity Carnival Post and then click on it so that a ping back is registered and other bloggers (including this caricaturist) can visit your post, like it, love it, and comment upon it 🙂

For more details (mostly superfluous) please visit the Creativity Carnival page here.

Do tag your posts “creativity carnival”. So if you start following the tag, you’ll find the newest carnivals in your Reader.

I will look forward to visiting your blogs 🙂

And now about the mystery chest that found its way into your hearts.

About The Mystery Chest

The concept of a mystery- or a treasure chest have always intrigued me. When I draw a picture, I usually have a story or at least a setting in mind. This is why you don’t see just one object in the image. You see other objects too. For instance in the mystery chest, you see an open locket with two portraits, a star-fish, some gold coins, and…something that nobody noticed. The Cryptex. It’s not easy to recognize a Cryptex, especially if you haven’t read/watched the DaVinci Code. It’s rumored to have been developed by Leonardo Da Vinci. So the mystery chest was indeed a treasure chest – and the Cryptex contained a coded message, which could be anything that your imagination would want it to be 🙂

I’ll look forward to reading your posts and visiting your blogs 🙂


45 comments on “Creativity Carnival: The Gun

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    • It has a graffiti look…and I like it 🙂 It’s not easy to respond to art with art – and I love the fact that you do it different each time. I’ve started asking myself – what is it going to be this time.


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    • Thanks for writing the verse. I knew that the cue-art leaned towards tragic, but I never expected to find myself on the verge of tears. Your post made me hope that it wasn’t true – and yet those words, they come true – at some point in our lives; we prepare ourselves, but no preparation is ever enough.


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    • The story of a man who has crossed the threshold and entered the darkness of depression – it beautifully complements the prompt. Thanks Lydia. I always look forward to reading your stories.


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    • Your story brought this cue-art to life. It could’ve been the other way – the drawing could’ve been made for your fascinating story. Thanks for extending the meaning of this drawing with your beautifully written story.


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  10. I love your blog and artwork. For that reason, I have nominated you for The Brotherhood of the World Blogger award. When you feel ready, please visit my blog for details about this award. Accepting and participating is fun and brings new readers and friends, too.

    Congratulations! I look forward to your post.

    Kindest Regards,


  11. I participated for the first time last week with the treasure chest, and I got a reblog! I used a simple quote, and your artwork. I attached the pingback/link to the artwork itself. I clicked on it and it brought me back to you. I just wanted to be sure it works. The link to my post is here.
    I am so glad you are getting such a strong response. You deserve it! Your talent is great.


    • That’s great news Brandi. I looked at your post and I think that it’s the thought that brought about the reblog 🙂 You are a thinker and your thoughts connect with people.
      Thanks for participating. I love to read all the responses – they show me those dimensions of my drawing, that I hadn’t envisioned before.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Like you didn’t ignore the earlier ones 🙂 I presume you hate treasures, bells, and pocket-watches too. One of these days, I’m going to sneak a gun into one of your book-covers 😉


  12. Wow Shafali, thank you so much for mentioning my story in your post! I now wish I could have infused the Cryptex in it; maybe for the longer keep inspiring me! 🙂


    • You are welcome, Lydia. I’m always looking for a response that would touch my heart, because when I make those drawings I try to put my heart into them. It’s really nice to see how other bloggers interpret them.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m sure it is fun; I’m really happy you started the Creativity Carnival. It would be a little nerve-wracking to put your artwork out there for everyone to do what they want with it. That’s the beauty in art though-we can have something in mind of what we’re doing with it, but it becomes so much more and different to each person who sees/reads it.


      • Lydia, what I feel is actually the opposite. I feel good when I see and read the different interpretations. I am thankful to the participants who take out time to post. As you said, an artwork is a work of art, because it can evoke different responses from different people 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  13. Ooh interesting cue Shafali ☺ Thank you for the link to the cryptex. I would not have known the correct terminology for it. And you are absolutely right about Lydia’s post, it still makes me shudder.


  14. Thank you for the link to the cryptex to explain that object – I thought it looked like a combination lock / religious relic – but it also may have been something still used in religious ceremonies, so I didn’t included it in the silly poem part, for not wishing to cause offence. Maybe that’s why no-one else referred to it either, or maybe just didn’t fit their response. The gun prompt is fantastic! Might be back with something from my creative writing blog next time, no guns in my poetry!


    • Welcome to WordPress 🙂 Is there a specific step that’s troubling you? I could explain it further. Perhaps you could visit the post of a blogger who has participated in the previous carnivals (I’ve linked to Lydia’s recent post in this carnival. That could help too :)) I’ll look forward to your interpretation of this week’s cue-art.


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