Announcement – Blog Carnival for Bloggers: Tell the Story-in-the-Caricature – Third Edition!

The Story in the Caricature Blog Carnival for Bloggers, Storytellers, and All of us!

Welcome to the third Tell-the-Story-in-the-Caricature Blog Carnival.

Here’s the caricature to inspire your creativity:

The Story in the Caricature Blog Carnival for Bloggers, Storytellers, and All of us!

What's his Story?

The Previous Carnivals:

Read about the previous carnivals here.

The Four Rules:

1. Write a story, small or big, about this caricature (There’s no upper limit – you are welcome to write a thesis if you please:))

2. Publish the story on your blog, along with this caricature (A link to this blog would be appreciated, but it isn’t necessary.)

3. Leave the link to your post, as a comment to this post here.

4. The festival ends at the midnight of August 31, 2010 (Tuesday.)

The Three Rewards:

1. All the story links added until the last date, will be published on this blog on September 1, 2010, along with the blog-address and a short-bio of the writer.

2. The blog addresses of the participating bloggers will find way into my “The Storytellers” blogroll.

3. We will also request all the story-writers to publish the links of other story-writers in a blog-post on their respective blogs. This will help the story writers find more readers – but of course, this would be voluntary.

An Important Note:

This blog has zero tolerance for pornography and abusive language and so any comment/story containing such material will not appear here.

If you’ve lived in this world, you ARE a Storyteller:

We’ve all got stories to tell – and let nobody convince you otherwise! This caricature reminds you of something – doesn’t it? A fear, a hope…despair for some, happiness for others…it tides up your emotions – right? Pour them out on your screen – and write a story!  A STORY BY YOU!


17 comments on “Announcement – Blog Carnival for Bloggers: Tell the Story-in-the-Caricature – Third Edition!

    • Hi Deepti Richa,

      Welcome to the carnival:) I loved your post – it was more than a story. It was a set of answers to such questions that we often don’t ask…and when we begin to…it’s already too late.

      I hope that my caricatures don’t lose your interest:)

      Warm Regards,


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  2. Hello Shafali. Finally I’ve finished my story. Here it is – Retribution. I have not pasted your caricature because I think this would tell the reader what’s coming and dilute the suspense but I have given a link to my blog as the inspiration behind the story. Hope you won’t mind. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to write something 🙂


    • No problem…yet, I think it’d add some interest if you added it around the second paragraph. But you are the writer and so you are the best judge:)

      Great story:) Will love to read more…

      – Shafali


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    • Hi Dewey:)
      Thanks for your lovely story – and the fact that Mr. GS really did it makes it all the more alluring:) (Oorvi loves GSs and so do I.)
      Bellyrubs and treats to you and thanks to your Gram.
      – Shafali


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