Caricature/Cartoon – Ozzy Osbourne of the Black Sabbath – A Visual/Verbal Caricature.

Let us SCREAM >>> OZZY!

A Caricature, cartoon, drawing, portrait of Ozzy Osbourne, the heavy metal singer of Black Sabbath, who has been touring the world to promote his new album scream; tries to scare a mouse away - but the mouse fights back.

The Rodent Warrior Fights Back!

Ozzy Osbourne’s Shortest Biography on the Web:

On December 3rd, 1948; a baby was born who’d father Heavy Metal, and whose music would be “intentionally” dark!

This sweet little baby grew up with dyslexia, a learning disability that has plagued many famous personalities. Obviously his teachers thought nothing of him because teachers prefer average performers, and so he was drawn towards more interesting matters such as stage performances.

Before Ozzy Osbourne began his “black” career, he worked as a laborer, plumber, tool-maker and even a sort of butcher. It’s easy to see how all this work-experience may have been instrumental in the making of the “black” sabbath, and the “heavy metal.” Black Sabbath was born in 1969, and as anything black is usually high in demand and short in supply, it met with a phenomenal success. For obvious reasons, the band was more popular among men.

Moving from gray to dark gray to black to ebony…

Black Sabbath released the following albums featuring Ozzy Osbourne:

  • Black Sabbath
  • Paranoid
  • Master of Reality
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  • Sabotage
  • Technical Ecstasy

And then Ozzy oozed off the Black Sabbath for a solo project he called Blizzard of Ozz (How creative!) Things didn’t work out until 1980, when Ozzy’s wife (ahem! Well yes. Brand new grapevine starting here has it that whenever a woman spent a night with Ozzy in the morning she’d leave looking like Ozzy’s double. Looking at Ozzy’s face in the darkness of the night had that effect on them. (see picture above) – but Sharon survived it all. The next morning she was as pretty as she was the night before – and so Ozzy slipped one of his many rings on her ring finger and they became an item (read: got married.) BTW, Another survivor was his first wife Thelma Rieley. Amazing women – both!

To make a long story short – Ozzy went on singing… there were many other albums…here’s a list (as always thanks to Wikipedia.)

  • Blizzard of Ozz (1980)
  • Diary of a Madman (1981)
  • Bark at the Moon (1983)
  • The Ultimate Sin (1986)
  • No Rest for the Wicked (1988)
  • No More Tears (1991)
  • Ozzmosis (1995)
  • Down to Earth (2001)
  • Black Rain (2007)
  • Scream (2010)

Other Interesting Ozzisms or Psycho-acts by Mr. Osbourne:

  • Ozzy’s been accused of being a negative influence on the youth and a proponent of SatanismAnti-Christ/Anti-Christian.
  • In 1981, when he signed his first solo-deal (when he’d left Black Sabbath,) he had been fasting for a while (praying for the deal) and he was so hungry that he bit off the head of a dove (quite foolishly I’d say…the head of a bird has the least meat on it.)
  • Shortly afterward, during one of his performances, he bit-off the head of a poor bat – that bravely fought back and bit Ozzy in the mouth before it died – and Ozzy had to take shots to prevent himself from getting Rabies. (What most people do not know is that the bat was the reincarnation (yes, the avatar) of the dove, who had come back seeking revenge!)
  • Next, he had a fight with his brave wife Sharon, then to make people think that his wife was going around urinating on cenotaphs, he wore his wife’s dress and urinated on a cenotaph, which was erected in the honor of those who died in the battle of Alamo.

And yes…

those who are interested in Ozzy’s tattoos, should click here.

Finally, in defence of Ozzy Osborne and his brave wife Sharon Osborne, they are one of the richest couples in UK. Doesn’t matter if Ozzy looks a little mad. I mean – all the rich of the world are a little mad…he just doesn’t hide his madness…he lets it Ooze out of him ozzily!


18 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Ozzy Osbourne of the Black Sabbath – A Visual/Verbal Caricature.

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  8. Shafali Ji,

    This man looks quite like one of the ghosts whom I met at the Ghost Conference!

    Did he really eat that bat?
    …I am not feeling too well…
    I have to leave…
    -Gorakh Nath.


  9. The bat story has another side. I heard him in an interview maintain that he thought it was made of plastic/rubber and was utterly horrified at what he’d done. Kind of makes sense as who would think of bringing a live bat to a concert with the sole intention of throwing it at the stage? Poor bat! And they are a protected species in the UK too.


    • Yes Viv…I did read about it – but when is a caricaturist ever fair to anyone?
      But seriously speaking, he did that to the poor dove, didn’t he…and if he could do that, he was perfectly capable of beheading a real live bat! Guess it did a lot of good to his image…
      I agree with you about the bat’s fate…poor bat:(


  10. Ah Shafali,

    You have captured his madness brilliantly. If you listen to Sharon speak, Ozzie is nothing but a big teddy bear in a madman’s clothing. I assume that all the drugs and alcohol pickled his brains a bit and he hasn’t recovered from it all yet. He probably never will. Sharon seems much too normal to be married to such a colorful entertainer but she maintains that she loves him as he is. Well, he does mumble in a dignified, self-confident manner ………over and over again…….


    • Nancy…I can “feel” the cynicism in your remark when you say that Sharon “seems normal” and that she “maintains” that she loves him?

      I need to delve deeper into the mysteries associated with Mr. Ozzy Osbourne, I think:)


  11. Yes, captured beautiully. I have to admit that, brave as she is to live with him, I think she showed a less admirable side of her when she became involved in tthat talent show. Ozzy somehow seems like an innocent to me.


    • Hi Ian,

      Once again, I am happy to see you here:) I’ve got to research the talent show that you are talking about…but Ozzy seems like an innocent?! He might “be” an innocent, but he certainly doesn’t appear to be innocent – or are you speaking relatively:)



  12. Hehe he sure looks mad! I think you did an excellent job capturing the essence of his nature 🙂 He is a weird man but like you said- ay least he’s not hiding his madness!


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