Caricature – Barack Obama – What worries him? The Pups Know – Sasha, Malia, and Bo!

Click here to view the caricature of President Obama rejoicing upon winning his second term 🙂 (Posted on: November 09, 2012.)


The most powerful man in this world seems to have a lot on his mind.

Two pups reflect over President Barack Obama's worries about Bo.

What’s he thinking?

Think about it!

PS: Recapturing the illegible text in the callout.

“D’you know what’s on his mind? How’s that the most powerful man in this world is second to Sasha and Malia when it comes to managing Bo.”


15 comments on “Caricature – Barack Obama – What worries him? The Pups Know – Sasha, Malia, and Bo!

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    • Hi Kess (and her Mama,)

      Thanks for commenting. I agree with the legible text bit. I’ll see what I can do about it:) I haven’t yet decided upon a standard calligraphic style:( Hope to eliminate this issue soon. Stay tuned for Bruce Willis’ Unbreakable self:)



  10. Well, Mercury….

    I think that he’s wonderin’ why he even wanted this job of bein’ president ta begin with…….why his ratings in the polls keep goin’ down….the economy doesn’t seem ta be improvin’ like he hoped…..all the jobs that he said that the stimulus money would create seem to have gone ta the bottom of the ocean….the people of this country want ta string the bankers up by their toenails…’n the car manufacturers too….why the country is still in a mess ‘n the president can’t seem ta get it all on the right track.

    He’s also wonderin’ how Tiger Woods could juggle 14 women at the same time besides his wife and still not have a head of gray hair…..cause he’s gonna be totally gray by this time next year….if he doesn’t loose his hair altogether that is….I tell ya that he better let Bo give ’em a ton of kisses ta lick the wounds caused by another attempted terrorist attack on Christmas Day…..yep, one nutty dude tryin’ ta blow up a plane near Detroit…cause there is nothin’ that will help ta keep out the feelin’ of “Wow, did I make the biggest mistake of my life here runnin’ fer president……I don’t think that I will llive long enough ta cash in on half million $$ speeches and commencement addresses….the Presidential Library and all the rest…….nope I’m a goner fer sure.”

    Yep Bo is his only hope of feelin’ wanted ‘n loved too……nothin’ like doggie kisses and hugs ta soothe the soul….he needs ta take advantage of it pronto…poor Mr President…’s tryin’ times at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave….yes siree

    Dewey Dewster here…


    • Dewey,

      I think I’ll make a post of your witty comments:)
      I hope you are enjoying the Florida Sunshine. We have seen a sliver of a ray in the last four days.

      Thanks for commenting and letting us what Obama is really worried about:)



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