Caricature/Cartoon – Perceptions – Neanderthals vs. Homosapiens (The Modern Man?)!

Updated on May 15th, 2020.

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About 50,000 years ago, when the Neanderthal man met the Homo Sapien or the modern man…what was it that they didn’t say?

A caricature or cartoon about Perceptions - Neanderthals vs. Homo Sapiens

An Ugly Brute? Who?

Isn’t all reality merely our perception?


Cartoonist/Caricaturist Morten Morland

Morten Morland is the political cartoonist for The Times (London) since 2002. His characters portray excellent body language – they look tensed, limp, worried, anxious, angry, scared…not just through their expressions but also through their gestures and postures.

Visit his site here.

If you are international politics savvy, you should definitely check out his blog

I’ll post my next caricature (an attempt to bridge the gap of about 50,000 years in perceptions) tomorrow. Do visit:)

Caricature – Darcy the Border Collie saved from Quarantine by his 9000 Supporters on Facebook!

Caricature of a dog?

Not of any dog, but of Darcy, who inspired 9000 facebook users to campaign for her release from quarantine. (He assisted in the search and rescue operation in Indonesia – and then upon her return, he was quarantined despite his tests being clear!) Read the story here.

Darcy the Border Collie and the Campaign to have him released from the quarantine.

Darcy Reflects upon his Career Options!

And why not?

The Noses – Nicole Kidman and the Bloodhounds!

What’s there in a nose?

A lot, if those attached to the noses are Nicole Kidman and the Bloodhounds.

Caricature of Hollywood Celebrity Nicole Kidman, her nose, and two critical bloodhounds.

Looks aren’t everything…especially with the Bloodhounds!

Didn’t sniff someone’s butt properly – did she?

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Caricaturist Neil K Kempsell’s Work

Neil K Kempsell’s gallery can be found at He’s great at bringing out the expressions that characterize the subjects of his caricatures. What first took me to his site was this caricature of Jack Nicholson.

(Note Added on January 15, 2010: Please view my attempt at Jack Nicholson’s caricature here.)

His Celebrity Caricatures can be found here.

Kempsell not only creates caricatures, he’s also a prolific cartoonist. View his cartoons here.

I’ll be posting the result of my own Celebrity Caricature drawing effort (Nicole Kidman) tomorrow. Will you please visit again:)

Caricature – Tiger Woods, Women, Nike, and Satan!

Golf brought to Tiger – fame, money, and women…along with Nike…and then Satan followed him around!

Caricature of Tiger Woods - with women, Nike, and Satan.

Who wouldn’t?

Which man could resist such temptation while chanting the brand mantra, “Just Do It”? Think about it!

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When Caricatures come Alive – Joan Vizcarra Carreras

I started this blog because I wanted to smile. There aren’t many things around me today that make me want to smile. For one, I smile when I draw…and then, I smile when I see artwork that borders on perfection. When it comes to caricatures, I think that some of the best caricatures are done by Vizcarra.

You can view Vizcarra’s wonderful caricatures at:

Thanks, my dear visitors. I have a surprise caricature (of a celebrity, of course) coming up for you tomorrow. Do return.


Caricature – The Musician and a Rat caught between the Trumpet and the Cat!

When a musician finds his long-forgotten  given-up-for-lost trumpet in the attic, the rat is caught in a dilemma.

Musician blowing a trumpet, a confused rat, and a patient but hungry cat!

Should I jump, should I not...

What would you tell the rat?

Caricature – Halle Berry & The Birds

Halle Berry is one of my favorite women actors in Hollywood. The messy hair look was just fantastic – and it inspired this caricature!

Cartoon or Caricature of Halle Berry with two birds nesting in her hair

Wonderful place to bring up your chicks!

A symbol of Halle Berry’s benevolence towards our avian friends?

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Caricature/Cartoon – Man and the Wine Glass

A figment of my imagination…a man amused by a wine-glass that curtsied.

Amused man watches the antics of a wine glass.

Funny! Am I really having this conversation with a wine-glass?

Caricature – Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow – The Pirate!

Update: September 04, 2013

(4 Years later…somewhere on this blog.)

Color Caricature of Jack Sparrow.

Click to view Jack Sparrow caricature (Pirates of the Caribbean - Johnny Depp.)

 Click to View.

—————-Original Post Follows——————

Last evening’s efforts resulted in this caricature of one of my favorite pirates – Captain Jack Sparrow! In the Pirates series, he was amazingly unkempt and surprisingly irresistible. Funny that when I visualize Johnny Depp, he’s always the “cheesy” pirate!

Caricature of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Where is the cheese…Captain Sparrow?

Almost there – right?

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Update: April 03, 2010:

Learn How to Draw Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Caricature – An Anxious/Apprehensive Man?

A Caricature of an anxious, somewhat distrustful, and completely worried man – a man preparing to get a hair cut…perhaps!

Caricature of a worried, confused, anxious, and distrustful man.

Worried, anxious, and confused? Perhaps!

— Inspired by a photograph in the newspaper.