The Caricaturist is on Twitter Now…

I’ve climbed the 140 character bandwagon. I am now a Tweeter too:-)

  • So, if you like caricatures, cartoons, jokes, funnies, and all that makes you go haw-haw…follow The Caricaturist!
  • And if you want some cool tips on drawing, sketching, caricaturing, cartooning…in other words, on wielding the most powerful weapon in this world – the pen, along with its dear cousins the pencil and the brush…follow The Caricaturist!

My Twitter handle is…of course: @TheCaricaturist

So, visit my nest…follow me…and motivate me to follow you:-) Let’s make this world a happier place to be in.

Tweet-tweet (that’s Bye-bye in Twitterish!)


4 comments on “The Caricaturist is on Twitter Now…

  1. Thanks for visiting my site.

    Your caricatures are great. By devious I meant that the expression on the faces seem to suggest that the person is about to play trick!

    Best Regards,


    • Hi Errol,

      Thanks for visiting:) and for commenting too. I prefer fun to ridicule…I guess that makes them look devious. As I said earlier, I loved your sketches. You take sketching beyond reproducing the scene – it’s a rare skill. I shall be following your blog now on, and would like to include it in my blogroll – with your permission of course:)



    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve been trying to figure it out but have failed so far. 😦

      In the meantime, I’ve visited your blog and was awed by your sketches:) Excellent work – and the way you combine the scenes is absolutely great.

      Warm Regards,


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