Learn to Draw on Twitter – Tutorial 1 – How to Draw an Angry Face!

If you are interested in learning how to draw while you are on the move, follow
TheCaricaturist on Twitter

This tutorial shall comprise about a dozen or more tweets (which we will call tuto-tweets). It will outline a step-wise process to draw an angry face. Serious students of drawing should read each tuto-tweet and do what it asks:-) You might want to share this with your friends and do it together – drawing is often more fun when done with friends.

You are also welcome to leave links to your drawings in the comment section of this page:)

So, if you are ready, let’s begin. I’ll tweet whenever I can, but to get you started I’ll make the preparatory tweets in quick succession. If you miss any of the tuto-tweets, you’ll be able to check them out at http://twitter.com/thecaricaturist

Spread the Smile:)


Leave your footprints behind :)

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