The Time Machine’s Stuck – I am trapped in 1942!

Dear Readers, Viewers, Commentators, and Blurkers,

I am writing from 1942! You’d recall that I was returning from the past (with mementos for all of you, of course,) when I was just 70 years away, the machine began to grunt in a pig-like fashion. It then coughed and spluttered to a stop. It was a matter of piston seizure. I had its oil changed in 200 AD and I guess the oil film broke!

I was in the times of D-Evil Hitler!

I will get the time-machine repaired, but would take me about 5 years…and so I will also be here in the past, during the times of Gandhi.

I should be back into the present by next week…but before I do, I’ll time-fax the caricatures of Hitler and Gandhi to the blog.

PS: Lady Gaga was not an aberration – I met her in the past. In one of her previous lives, Lady Gaga was a gypsy dancer. More on that later.

Until I return…then:)

Shafali, The Caricaturist.

Some date, Some month, 1942!


8 comments on “The Time Machine’s Stuck – I am trapped in 1942!

  1. I think he’s rather come starkers than wear a Nazi uniform. Mind you Indiana Jones had to knock out two Nazis to get a uniform that fitted properly in the Raiders of the Lost Ark….
    he does resemble Harrison Ford rather more than he does Matt Smith(the newest Doctor) ….
    stick to the shorts and flip flops, J.


  2. This is very funny as a recent BBC programme of Dr Who got flooded with reports that the doctor had dropped his towel and was wearing no figleaf….


  3. I have put the final touches on the design for the time machine and once I have built it I will come to get you. Watch out for the blond (well partly grey) guy in leather boots and wearing a fig leaf.

    I am on my way!


    • Dear Dr. Who…

      Is the time machine ready?
      I am still here. I guess I’ll have no difficulty in recognizing you – Fig leaf and Leather boots aren’t a fashionable combination yet!

      Warm Regards and High Hopes,


  4. Ok, at first I thought: she’s clever, she’ll get it fixed real quick.
    then I thought: hey she’s just enjoying the sights and sounds.
    then I started getting worried.
    If you can tune in, listen up: am sending Dr Who, (whichever incarnation takes your fancy most. mine is either Christopher Ecclestone or David Tennant ) to come and rescue you. Look out for a blue police phone box, circa 1958, and a mysertious guy who talks random stuff that seems really really clever….
    He ought to be with you very soon unless he gets distracted saving the world from Daleks or Cybermen or something equally nasty.
    I expect a few good drawings and a nude caricature of the doctor, figleaf in place for the sake of decency when you get back safely.


    • Thanks Viv,

      I am still here – waiting for Dr. Who…who has confirmed his intentions to rescue me. I should be able to recognize him easily:)



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