What Happened to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Panties?

This post doesn’t fit this blog, yet when it comes to things that don’t fit, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s panties win the show.

Before we discuss Rosie Huntington-Whitley‘s panties, we should first identify the lady in question. Rosie HW is the replacement of Megan Fox in the newest Transformers flick called Dark of the Moon. She’s 5 feet 9 inches tall and with her vital stats at 34-25-35 and her weight at 54 kgs, she’s the thinnest thing that you can witness in heels. In the Dark of the Moon she towers over Shia Labeouf who though equally tall looks like a dwarf beside her, primarily because the poor guy isn’t allowed those fancy six-inch needle-point heels that grace the spindly legs of this particular Victoria’s Secret model.

Those of you who’ve seen Dark of the Moon would vouch that one of the most interesting scenes in the movie was the first scene, in which the camera focuses on a thin-but-firm panty-clad butt undulating on the screen as the owner of the butt sashays up the staircase. The staircase has a lot many steps, and if I recall correctly, at least two turns. All this time the camera faithfully follows the butt and those tiny pair of  panties that work really hard to cover it. At the end of her apparently endless ascent the lady descends upon the sleeping form of our hero, and it’s then that we see the face of the lady and wonder – what the heck? But then a cute butt doesn’t always equal a cute face (and vice-versa) so we let it go, and try to concentrate on the movie.

But then Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s panties return to challenge my reason. They make me wonder.

What happened to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s panties, after the scene was shot?

I am really, truly, even pathologically serious about finding an answer to this question, as the curiosity is killing me. And…before you ask…NO. I don’t want to buy them. Actually, you couldn’t even pay me to take them. This discussion is merely conceptual and is driven by the insatiable curiosity of an insane caricaturist.

Here are a few possibilities that come to my mind.

  1. The panties were given to Rosie Huntington-Whitely as a perk for running about on those wicked (ouch) heels.
  2. The panties were given as the weekly wages to an extra who worked in the movie.
  3. The panties were used to wipe the grease off  Bumblebee‘s engine.
  4. They were incinerated after the scene was shot.
  5. The panties were auctioned off to the male actors/employees and the identity of the buyer was kept a secret, because he had a jealous wife.
  6. The panties became a property of the director/producer.
  7. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley got them framed and gifted them to Shia Labeouf as a parting gift.
  8. They were rented for that particular scene, and were returned to the costume company after the scene was shot.
  9. The panties indeed belonged to Rosie Huntington-Whitley and she wore the same panties home after the shot.
  10. The panties were used to clean the camera lens for the next shot.
  11. When Rosie Huntington-Whitley jumped upon the sleeping Shia, they split and had to be thrown away, later to be salvaged by the janitor, who auctioned them off on eBay.
  12. The panties were returned to Victoria’s Secret and they secretly sold them off to an Indian celebrity who didn’t receive them in time and had to…well, go panty-less to a charity event!
  13. The panties were stolen by the mice-family and they made them into a mattress for the baby mice.
  14. The rumor-mill is also abuzz with the rumor that the panties were painted upon Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s marble butt, and they got washed away when someone spilled their glass of wine on them.
  15. Put up for sale in a Japanese panties vending machine? (Suggested by Nirnif.)

I know that I haven’t been able to cover every possibility, so I welcome your creative thoughts, and

I ask you, my valued reader…
What happened to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s panties, after the scene was shot?


9 comments on “What Happened to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Panties?

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    • Thank you – but have you read the post?
      Best wishes for the book. Folks who are keen on learning how to draw caricatures can check out: drawcaricatureshq.com/ for a How to Draw caricatures book by Artist Graeme Biddle. I doubt that this comment was made by Mr. Biddle himself – I think he’s got someone to do his online marketing. Nevertheless – an artist is an artist and I’d do what I can to help:)


  2. Ah…here I am nothing but an ignorant American who does not see fit to attend the movie theater anymore. The fact of the matter is…I wouldn’t even rent this movie once it was available on DVD. It is way too far out of my “I LIKE this type of movie” zone.

    All that being completely irrelevant…… you covered pretty much all prospective scenarios for the mystery or perceived mystery of what happened to the famous panties…..except perhaps ONE.

    Today many celebrities are donating items of clothing to charity or auctioning them off on eBay and designating the proceeds to go to a particular charity. Maybe those panties will be auctioned off for a lot of $$$$$$$ to be sent to a worthwhile charity on eBay. I know you did refer to eBay as a site that perhaps saw these panties in an auction but only in the context that a janitor retrieved them from the trash and then auctioned them off. And of course his intentions would have been purely self-serving as he wold have pocketed the proceeds….no charity would have seen a penny of that money.

    But then we will most likely never know what happened to those panties unless Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is invited to be a guest on one of the nighttime talk shows and she decides to divulge the whereabouts of those scanty-panties. Only time will tell……….and if they do happen to be auctioned off to benefit a worthy charity on eBay at a later date, I sure hope someone had the foresight to wash them first…….

    Now here is another mystery for you……….why do I dislike this type of movie? Could it be because of my advanced age…….my lack of attention for… or interest in films that exhibit themes of science fiction or some other much more serious reason? If you solve that mystery, you are a better person than I am……but then you would also need to recommend an antidote to counteract the symptons of this perceived disease…………yikes………it goes on and on…….


    • Wow! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s panties sure got you going!

      I guess I missed the charity option. Actually RHW doesn’t come across as a philanthropic person – at least in the Dark of the Moon. In fact, her face would be perfect for the role of a baby-snatcher. (Remember those baby-snatching Hollywood nannies?)

      I am not sure why you don’t like these Sci-fi movies but let me hazard a few guesses.

      1. You are too smart to be taken in by sci-fi. You realize that it’s more fiction than science. 2. You think it’s kid-stuff…especially with Shia Labeouf as the hero. 3. You were the original sci-fi writer in one of your previous lives, and you realize that all these are poor imitations of your work. 4. You realize that the only thing worth watching in these movies is the skimpy panties of the anorexic non-entity heroines, and you’ve got a box overflowing with your own! … I should stop now, before I crash into your personal bubble:)

      Thanks a ton for your wonderful comment


    • I didn’t know that there were panties vending machines in Japan, but such a machine could be a worthy destination for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s panties. Thank you for commenting and augmenting the list. I must add your thoughts to the post 🙂
      Warm Regards,


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