Caricature – Michelle Obama – The First Lady’s Smile & The Toothpaste Ad!

Spoiler Warning:

This isn’t that caricature of Michelle Obama, which was banned; and which was then removed from different sites, and for which Google had its ears pulled.

The Caricature of the First Lady Michelle Obama with Two Rabbits.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s smile dazzles humans and animals alike.

The Caricaturist’s Thoughts:

I believe in caricatures being a vehicle for spreading happiness – and it includes the person whose caricature I create. I would feel happy if the subjects of the caricatures looked at my drawings and smiled. Though caricature-creation is primarily an art-form that attempts to create humor at the expense of others, I feel that it shouldn’t hurt the sentiments of that very person whose celebrity status brought the caricature into existence. I know it isn’t easy, especially if you are a caricaturist:( But to try is human, and to fail too!

Caricature, Cartoon of First Lady Melania Trump on the map of the USA.

View the New First Lady Melania Trump’s Caricature here.


16 comments on “Caricature – Michelle Obama – The First Lady’s Smile & The Toothpaste Ad!

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  6. The rabbits make smart Humans. The other infamous Michelle Obama’s caricature was quite rightly pulled off. Yours make a great balance between a caricature and a rather flattery.


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  12. Oh Mercury….you’ve done it again…..great likeness of Michelle….and about the toothpaste ad….there was just a report on the news tonight about a company that was usin’ the likeness of President Obama ta promote their product…..cause he was seen in some of their clothing….they were speculatin’ that the secret service or someone in the state department would just tell the company that they were not permitted ta use the president’s likeness without his permission….and that would be that…of course….they already have his likeness plastered all over the world so free advertisin’ is the buzz word of the week……

    But what a pretty set of choppers ya have Michelle……

    Oh yeah and the weather in Florida is pretty cold….much colder than they have had fer years and years….but then it’s much colder at home so we’re better off here…….unless ya consider the fact that we’re in a camper without a foundation and the cold just seeps in every little crack….then we feel like we’re right out in the elements……fer sure…..sunshine please return…….’n soon….

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Thanks Dewey:) I am motivated. BTW, I had no idea of the toothpaste advertisement (in reference to Barack Obama.) I viewed it today – It was done in bad taste – and I really don’t know about the likeness bit.

      Thanks a lot for your continuous encouragement:)



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