Caricature/Cartoon – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Thoughts on This Portrait!

I believe that from his studio in the heaven, Leonardo da Vinci keeps a watch on the going-ons in the art-world. I am sure that he’ll see this caricature…and when he does so, he will wonder whether his tedious exercise of creating a self-portrait was in vain!

A caricature, cartoon, sketch, portrait of the great artist leonardo da vinci who was also a sculptor, an inventor, and a writer.

When Leonardo Da Vinci saw this Caricature...

A Short Biography of Da Vinci:

Leonardo da Vinci was a painter, sculptor, architect, musician, scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer (Thanks, Wikipedia.)
His array of talents is one of widest ever seen in one human being – he is said the have been the most talented person to have ever lived.

He was born on April 15, 1452, in Florence, and he lived to be 67 – a fairly long life in those days. He trained at the workshop of Verrocchio until he was 20. Da Vinci is primarily recognized as an artist, but not many of his works survive. The inventor and the innovator in him was continuosly experimenting with new mediums and methods. He was an impatient man who often wouldn’t get around to painting what he was paid to paint, until the eleventh hour. Leonardo da Vinci was procrastinator extraordinaire. He was a man of great physical beauty and exceptional intellect, and it’s rumored that he was gay.

Among the three giants of high renaissance (Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo,) Da Vinci was the oldest.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Most Famous Paintings:

The two most famous paintings done by Da Vinci were:

And now here’s a Did-you-know of the kind that makes you ask, how the heck I am supposed to know that!

Did you know that I share some traits with Da Vinci. Among the traits I don’t share, the biggest is – he’s Great, I am not:-)) but then…

Here are the traits that I do share with him:

  • He was an artist. I am too:-)
  • He was a writer. I am too:-)
  • He was an engineer. I am too:-)
  • He was a procrastinator. I am too:-)
  • He wrote in reverse. I do too:-)
  • He thought of more projects than he completed. I do too:-)
  • He was attracted to men. I am too:-)

Amazing…how you can find similarities, if you want to!

A Personal Note to Leonardo da Vinci:

Dear Mr. Da Vinci, if you happen to stop here (to view this caricature of yours, of course,) I’d like to tell you that I’ve always admired you. You’ll always remain my idol.

And yes, if you do happen to check out my blog from your computer in heaven, please tell me that you didn’t mind my making your caricature. After all, you too drew caricatures:-)…and do subscribe to my blog (click the button at the top-right.) I might draw the caricatures of Raphael and Michelangelo too…and if I go by the history texts, you might want to look at theirs as well.


19 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Leonardo Da Vinci’s Thoughts on This Portrait!

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  11. Shafali,
    You made me start my day with a smile, I loved the caricature but the note to Da Vinci at the end- let’s just say I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks her idols are watching and reading her work from heaven haha!
    I truly admire your sense of humor, and I agree with Viv- I think you are GREAT! 🙂


    • Hi Lua,


      Guess I’d agree with you there…I’ve got a sense of humor! It helps me through the difficult moments of my life:-)

      I am a confirmed agnostic – whenever there’s something that I don’t understand, I confidently shake my head and say – “I don’t know.” I really don’t know if our idols watch our work from heaven (that is, if they’ve already changed their residence,) but I thought that writing a quick note won’t do me any harm – just in case!

      I’ll let you know if I do hear from him, or if he subscribes to my blog:-)

      Warm Regards,


  12. Dewey Dearest,

    You’ve taken it upon yourself to make me vain:-) I am blushing again. I just do what I can, and actually it isn’t much:-(

    It’d be great if you could come over, but you’ll have to bring Gram along…and don’t start on foot, please – there’d be oceans to cross and mountains to climb, and though I know that you are an exceptional WFT, I think you’d be happier if you got into an airplane and just flew down:-)

    Tons of Belly rubs!



  13. Aw Mercury….ya are much too modest….fer sure……ya are very talented and have proved it many times over…while poor Gram here only sits and drolls over yer drawings and yer perfect English writing and vocabulary and wonders why she can’t have been given at least a modicum of it (talent, that is) herself….

    Pat yerself on the back….yer pretty special….yes siree….can I come ta live with ya and Oorvi???? I promise ta behave…….how far away is India from us ???? I shall set out on foot immediately……..

    Dewey Dewster here….


    • Dear Viv,

      I am an unknown caricaturist, at best…and an unlucky writer, at worst. About real realities, I don’t know if I’d like that. There’s a lot of comfort in anonymity. For instance, I can make this post and get away with it:-)

      But thanks for being so nice.
      Warm Regards,


  14. Wonderful!
    Have you ever checked out any of the Disc world novels by Terry Pratchett? he has a character in the Anhk-Morpork series(about the Watch, a kind of police force) who is a very affectionate tribute to Leonardo da Vinci- Leonard of Quirm. Leonard bumbles through life inventing fiendish things, drawing sketches of heartbreaking beauty, seldom finishing things, and has to be kept locked up secretly by the Patrician(shades of the Medicis) for his own safety and comfort. I get the feeling that Pratchett has a bit soft spot for Da Vinci!


    • No. I haven’t. I’ll check them out next time I go out buying books. I like the concept you’ve outlined here. You’ve got to save such people from those who are out to get them (Church, in his case) and also from themselves!

      Thanks for letting me know.
      Warm Regards,


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