5 comments on “Caricature/Cartoon – Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s IPO – Why Should he be the One?

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    • I tried to figure out what you’ve written in Marathi, and the translator tells me that you meant to say my drawings look good. I’d like to humbly submit, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Many thanks for stopping over and commenting 🙂


  2. WOW ! Another wonderful caricature of Mark Z……I can tell that you LIKE him……..you really, really, LIKE him. I do have to admire the genius that he is…….I can envy all the money that he makes and will make and I can gloat a little because…..again…….it is an American who has created something …….a gathering place, of sorts……that people around the world flock to like birds in search of food and shelter. I do wish him well with his IPO. In days gone by, I used to salivate when a tech IPO was about to trade on the market and I would have loved to have gotten in on those on the ground floor…….that is until the tech crash of 2000…….now I just look at them and say…..great…….you fight to get in on them…..I will just sit and watch the vultures circling overhead. I heard one analyst say yesterday that Facebook will likely be in many of the huge big retirement fund portfolios…….but NOT RIGHT NOW. They will wait for calmer waters before venturing into the fray. And that seems like great advice…….sit back and see how it turns out…….if it becomes a company that will survive and thrive (unlike My Space)……then invest in it.

    There seem to be a lot of people who are making money in the stock market………lots of it….but even though our retirement money is handled by professionals……we do not seem to be among them. Soon all of that money will be in the bank……where it should have been all along. We are not alone in that line of thinking …..we have lots of company.


    • Thanks Nancy:) I am glad you liked the caricature. I do like him a lot. I like people who create something that gives value to people. Not many of the kind around anymore. People like Zuckerberg and Jobs make you feel that there still is hope that we may find the solutions to our problems. Politicians definitely aren’t going to help us with the answers – they can only manipulate what’s already there – they can’t create or invent.

      Day 1 closed very close to the offer price but after hectic buying and selling. So the institutional investors booked their profits (10% in a day – that’s something) and now we’d have a more accurate picture of the share’s behavior. Wait and watch.


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